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BP Khazzan Gas Field

We operate the BP logistics management contract on block 61. Our operation is to coordinate and control all vehicle movements entering, exiting or transiting block 61, ensuring BP standards and procedures are followed by all.

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The RSMT can be found daily around block 61 performing checks on vehicles and ensuring drivers are not putting lives at risk by failing to comply with the life-saving rules. They are easily identified by their bright yellow and green Battenberg vehicles.

As well as performing checks, they are available to provide support and advice on road safety initiatives.


Improve road safety on block 61 and to raise the driving standards of contractors and their respective drivers.


To make the roads of block 61 accident and violation free.


Day by day gaining a better understanding of the main risks in road traffic management on Block 61 and striving to improve road safety standards for the benefit of all.


Enlighten, advise and educate before enforcement.


Our managers and officers have over 60 years combined specialist experience in road safety and transport related matters. This includes collisions investigations, rectification of infringements and roadworthiness of vehicles, route planning and driver training.



To book an inspection please log in to the LMS and create an inspection request on our LMS

Khazzan Logistics Management Services have teams of inspectors located in both Muscat and Khazzan ready to inspect your vehicles to ensure they meet the BP standard. We have the capacity to inspect over 4000 vehicles a year.

All contractors' vehicle and mobile plant equipment must pass an inspection prior to mobilisation to Block 61. To have your fleet inspected you must first create a booking in the LMS. This should be made at least 7 days in advance, although in special circumstances we can accommodate bookings on short notice.

Our team of experienced inspectors will then confirm a time and location convenient to you to inspect your vehicles.

Once your vehicle has passed its inspection, it must then pass an IVMS geo fence test in Khazzan before being issued with a sticker allowing access to the block. Any vehicle without a valid BP inspection sticker may be denied entry to the block.

BP Vehicle Inspection Timeline

inspection timeline

Journey Management

All journeys to and from the Khazzan project should be planned in advance, and a journey plan raised in our Logistics Management System.

The journey management plan system makes it easy to record the drivers contact details, plan rest stops and route points for your drivers and allows for easy identification of late arrivals to the block – indicating that there may be a problem with a journey.

As soon as a vehicle arrives on the block, our banksmen mark the journey as having arrived, automatically highlighting any late arrivals.

Click here to book a journey in the LMS

Top Journey Planning Tips

  • Schedule your journey carefully, remember NO night driving
  • Take into account road hazards and weather conditions
  • Adhere to the legal restrictions on driving times and distances
  • Plan when and where to take rests
  • Allow for unexpected delays
  • Take plenty of drinks (water) with you so that you stay hydrated
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency

Logistics Management System

We have custom built a logistics management system for the Khazzan project. This easy to use online system is available to all contractors.

Within the LMS you can:

Training on the LMS can be provided by us in either Muscat or Khazzan, though the system is so easy to use that you may not need it!

You can access the LMS at

If you don’t have access to the LMS then please get in contact with us using the details below.

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